Residential Insurance claims generally fall into several main categories:

* Water Intrusion

* Plumbing Leaks

* Roof Damage- Wind 

* Roof Damage- Hail

* Structural Damage

* Fire Damage

* Flood Damage

* Mechanical

* Electrical

Water intrusion can originate from roof leaks, ground water, air-conditioning condensate or water intrusion through stucco finishes.  Pluming leaks can be divided into two categories; 1) water supply 2) wastewater.  Water supply systems are under pressure therefore if a leak occurs water will continue to run until the line is shut down.  Wastewater is removed by a gravity system.  A wastewater leak will cease when the supply is empty (i.e. toilet bowl, etc.).  Sinks, showers, washers and toilets all generate wastewater.  Plumbing leaks can be either water supply or wastewater related.  Roof damage by wind occurs when the roof covering has been damaged by significant wind gusts or flying debris.  Roof damage from hail occurs when the roof covering has been damaged by large hail.  Structural damage typically involves some type of structural displacement or movement due to a variety of sources including storm events or mechanical impact. Fire damage can occur with smoke, soot, water damage or structural damage.  Mechanical claims can include automotive, systems or a variety of mechanical systems.  Electrical claims can include lightning damage and may also be submitted in conjunction with a fire loss.  

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