Services - Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering Studies are available with a report provided within 3 days after the inspection date.  The reports include summaries at the very beginning of every report.  We recognize that our clients have varying needs/requirements in these reports and adapt our format accordingly.  However we also recognize that our reports must be clear, concise and to the point.  We're not trying to prove how smart we are and we don't believe a typical client needs the chemical formula for PVC for example.  The purpose of our reports is to provide detailed, accurate, and correct information to our clients.

In addition to a thorough site inspection and report, we offer the following services as part of our normal assignment;

  • Contact Insured in 24 hours or less-  A very simple yet important guideline we follow strictly.
  • Settup an email or text communication trail - Although phone calls are our preffered method of communication, once phone communication is delayed for any reason our next step is to settup an email or text trail of communication.  In cases where the insured may be difficult or uncooperative a written email/text communication trail can be crucial to resolving the claim.
  • Video summary for your use - We offer, at no additional charge, a brief video of the subject site emailed to you after the inspection is complete.  The purpose is to just provide you with a little more information to help you do your job.  Please request this service when you contact us as not every client needs or wants this.
  • 3 Day Report Turnaround- As stated previously, we guarantee a 3-day or less report turnaround after the site visit.  We know you're always on a tight schedule and want to close each file.  

Fees -  We offer both fixed fees and time/materials type contracts.  Suffice it to say that we can reasonably match or beat most other companies.  Our company structure was designed after years of experience and much thought.  Yes we work remotely from our homes. Our employees don't waste time commuting to an uneeded office.  Our vans/trucks are equppied for remote work.  So typically they start working on your report immediately.  Theres no need for a high dollar office that you'll probably never visit.  Your fees are covering those expenses.