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HVAC Maintenance

Plumbing Maintenance and Repairs

Stucco Drainage

Exterior Deterioration

Homeowners are responsible to maintain and upkeep their homes.  The following items are important to consider in avoiding costly repairs and unnecessary insurance claims. 

  • HVAC Maintenance - keep your air-conditioning filters changed out and clean.   Dirty filters restricts air-flow and can lead to dirty, frozen coils and condensate build-up.  Also make sure your a/c drain lines remain clear and unclogged.
  • Gutters/Downspouts - a very critical and typically overlooked item.  Gutters do more than just keep rain off your head.  Think about where all that rainwater goes without gutters....right next to your foundation!  Which leads to foundation settlement and water intrusion.
  • Flooring - You may have flooring issues without realizing it.  Often we'll pull up a carpet corner and find rotted carpet tack strips.  Water intrusion is the cause.   A homeowner will sometimes experience tile "pops" where the tiles become debonded from the slab.  And wood flooring will sometimes become stained and deteriorated after installation.  Check your exterior grades, test your floor tiles, be careful with planter areas too close to your house and consider a french drain system or basement type coating on your exterior walls.