Roof Damage - Hail and Wind

The following information is provided for your consideration.  Its is important to recognize who is putting this information out there and do they have any science to back up their claims?  The first video is from a roofer or "storm chaser".  The second video covers hail roofing scams.

hail damage - storm chaser

hail damage - scams

Important points to recognize & crucial questions to ask regarding hail damage:

Why did you file a claim for hail damage?

A roofer knocked on my door and offered a free roof inspection. (Do you think any reputable roofing contractor needs to go door knocking to acquire new business? )

My neighbor got a new roof -

Was your neighbors roof inspected by a licensed structural engineer specializing in roof evaluations?

(its important to note that some homeowners make a big deal out of their roofer being "HAAG Certified".  And yes while HAAG is a well known testing and education provider, a "certification" is not the same as a license.  A three-day seminar certification should in no way be confused with a licensed structural engineer who spent 4 years of college, passed the FE exam, spent another 4 years working under a licensed engineer and then passed an all day PE exam). 

The roofer found areas of hail damage and marked them with chalk.

So anything marked by a roofer/contractor is hail damage simply because it has a chalk circle around it?  Typically roofers circle all kinds of things....with granular loss number 1.  But as previously stated in the hail scam video, hail is RANDOM in review some these videos and others on the internet.  Look at the locations they are circling:  edges (edges tend to lose granules as a result of manufacturing issues....are mainly the edges hail damaged?....not possible in a legitimate random hail event.  Or are the circled locations approximately mid-point along most circled area (any pattern not RANDOM).  And soft supported shingles along ridges, hips and valley....these are more easily damaged than field shingles.  Any hail damage there?

Most importantly - Is the roof leaking from hail damage?  The answer will be no in 99% of the cases.  And expect the follow-up comment being -  "My roofer says the "hail damage" will accelerate the deterioration of this roof".   This idea of reduced granules accelerating the roof has no science behind it and should be disregarded. In fact, HAAG engineering has previously completed long-term studies (years) that basically concluded that granule loss had no effect on a shingle roof lifespan. This false statement is similar to other bogus, non-supported tests like the so called "brittleness test", where shingles are lifted a predetermined amount to check for pliability.  However shingle pliability is simply a matter of temperature.  If you use a hand held heat gun on a shingle you can make it as flexible as you want.  Even so much as to return the asphalt to its liquid state.