Water Intrusion - Plumbing

Plumbing loss claims are hot button issue in Florida right now.  Over 90% of the insurance claims in Florida are coming out of Dade and Broward Counties.  Typically these p;umbing claims involve a deteriorated, leaking plumbing system.  The cause of these losses are usually deferred maitenance.  The claims have been approved at an accelerated rate due to the power and influence of public adjusters and attormeys in South Florida.  The threat of prolonged litigation and expenses has often been enough to cause the carriers to cut their losses and approve the claims.  Lately there has been blowback from the state legislature and the insurance industry.  In 2004, approximately 400 of these types of claims were filed.  In 2016 the number of these types of claims skyrocketed to over 16,000 per year!  Submitted for your consideration are several articles related to this topic.  

Simply put, plumbing losses are all about duration.  If you come home from work and find your kitchen sink leaking. Typically you have coverage. If your kitchen sink has been leaking for months or years, you will not have coverage for property damage.